Fly European Air War online. New planes, missions and terrains added.
When launched some 9 years ago European Air War was critically acclaimed as the most realistic and immersive combat flight sim and even today many still consider it the most rewarding sim to fly.

For those new to European air war you take to the skies over European during the most dangerous days of World War II. Piloting from a choice of 20 authentic fighters from Great Britain, Germany and the United States.

Your flying skill will be tested as you defend the skies of the Southern England from waves of German bombers fighting off harrying Luftwaffe: fighters as you escort B17s into the 3rd Reich, or engage in savage dogfights and missions over France and Germany. European air war has been developed further by a talented technical band of veterans Modders, who with the kind consent of Atari were granted permission to develop the game further and now with the missions, 29 new planes, new terrains, new “skin for planes” and high resolution graphics with dramatic special effects make European Air War a new exciting experience. Help, advice and tuition is always freely available at our membership (free) site where you can read about the latest developments-view screen shots- chat and join in flying and learn about the new campaigns in various theaters of combat such as Russia, Italy, north Africa, the Pacific to name a few.

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Screenshots showing some special effects and new planes.

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